HSI-WARC’s Host Homes program is a place to LIVE, LEARN & ACHIEVE!
• In a home of your choice
• In the part of town you prefer
• With people who support and teach you
• With pets if you choose
• Take the bus independently
• Manage your money
• Keep your home tidy
• Live safely in the community
• Make friends and have a family life
• Go places … church, Artown, bowling, the movies, Hot August Nights, Balloon Races and more!
• Self-direction & responsibility
• Community involvement
• Rewarding relationships
• Transition to independent living
Talk with your family about what you want. Let your Service Coordinator know you want a Host Home; your Service Coordinator will take it from there!

A Host Home Provider is a person or family who opens their home to one or two people who have disabilities. Host Home Providers:
• Ensure a safe community living setting
• Teach independent living and other skills
• Assist with attending appointments and community events
• Attend annual trainings as required
• Are compensated for room, board and care
• Communicate excellently with all people involved, including the person served, their family and other interested parties.
Host Homes lets you maintain a FAMILY FOCUS and OWN YOUR BUSINESS.
• Enrich your household, spend more time with family and friends, and expand your inner circle by becoming a Host Home Provider for someone with a disability.
• Work from home, give back to your community, Difficulty of Care tax breaks are just a few of the incentives available to Host Home Providers.
• A desire to assist people
• Must be 18 years or older with a High School Diploma or equivalent
• An application and self-study
• A safe home and vehicle with appropriate insurance
• Valid driver’s license
• Clean, crime- and substance-free history
• Home study by an HSI Case Manager
• Ability to obtain Host Home insurance

Become A Host Home Provider

Now that you’re interested in becoming a Host Home Provider, here is the place to start. You can download and complete the Host Home application, and contact Genny Wilson at 775-333-8251

Host Home information. Email us!