iWORK: Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

iWork functions as a work focused skill building service that allows for people with disabilities to to gain paid employment experience in retail, landscaping, light and mechanical assembly, and custodial enclaves.

Employment Programs


WARC maintains a contract with the Department of the Interior to provide janitorial jobs and training at the local BLM offices. The crew is responsible for daily janitorial maintenance throughout the building. Small groups of employees including an HSI/WARC employed supervisor integrate into an on-site business environment to supplement an existing work force. The crews of 5 learn a broad range of jobs skills and life skills.



HSI’s Fallon Grounds Maintenance Program provides training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in grounds maintenance, general maintenance, lawn care, and weed control. These areas allow HSI employees to learn a broad range of job and life skills which enable further integration into the community.


The Mechanical Assembly division provides paid and unpaid training in  electro-mechanical assembly, mechanical assembly, packing, wire terminations, wire harness assembly, component soldiering. From simple attachments to riveting, drilling and other simple machine operations, we can deliver.

The Light Assembly division provides paid and unpaid training in a variety of repetitive skill sets that are basic and fundamental in nature. This can include kitting, packaging, and stuffing.

Additionally, this program provides individualized support services in various ways such as skill acquisition in work soft skills that include counting, inspection, writing, and appropriate workplace behavior. These skills will assist the individuals to cope more effectively with the requirements of community based and/or supported employment.

There are approximately 50 individuals who benefit from our Electro-Mechanical Assembly and Testing services.