LaVonne Brooks, President & CEO of HSI-WARC


    People with disabilities are visible, valued members of our community.


    We research, develop, and deliver learning systems for people with disabilities and those who support them.


HSI-WARC and UNI are all 501(c) 3, not-for-profit organizations and are governed by a Board of Directors. We currently serve approximately 250 people with disabilities within our various programs and services. For additional information regarding our not-for-profit status, please see our financial information.


Reactor Site

Our Reactor Site houses the iChoose program, a few administrative office, and our Harness Shop and Warehouse. This site has been recently remodeled and features a top of the line art room that was funded by the Terry Lee Wells Foundation.

WARC Thrift Store

HSI/WARC currently operates one thrift store which was previously operated by WARC.

IGT Site

Our IGT site, is located within IGT and houses a section of our iWork program.

NAS Fallon

Our Fallon Site is located on the Fallon Naval Air Station.

Terry Lees Wells Foundation                        KNBP
Circus Circus                                                     Round Table Pizza
Model Dairy                                                     Discovery Museum
Washoe County School District                    City of Reno
Black Bear Diners                                           NV Energy
Scolaris Food and Drug                                 Grand Sierra Resorts
Renown Medical Center                                RTC
Food Bank of Northern Nevada                    Care Chest
IGT                                                                     On Track

 Teacher’s Aid Training

HSI-WARC’s paraprofessional training is a forward thinking, innovative and fun way for to learn how to effectively support the learning process for specials education students in the classroom.  This experiential 20 hour training class is meant to work within all school settings and adapts seamlessly to currently existing procedures and educational processes.